Matrix Application Service Framework

This package aims to provide a simple framework for writing application services in Python using asyncio.

API Documentation

appservice_framework Package


AppService(matrix_server, server_domain, …) Run the Matrix Appservice.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of appservice_framework.appservice.AppService

appservice_framework.database Module


initialize(*args, **kwargs) Initializes the database and creates tables if necessary.


Room(matrixalias, matrixid[, active, …]) A Matrix room.
LinkedRoom(matrixalias, matrixid, serviceid) A Matrix room linked to a service room.
User(matrixid, serviceid[, nick]) A user that exists in both matrix and the service.
AuthenticatedUser(matrixid, auth_token[, …]) A user that is authenticated with the AS for the service.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of appservice_framework.database.Room, appservice_framework.database.LinkedRoom, appservice_framework.database.User, appservice_framework.database.AuthenticatedUser

appservice_framework.matrix_api Module

This is a asyncio wrapper for the matrix API class.


AsyncHTTPAPI(base_url, client_session[, token]) Contains all raw matrix HTTP client-server API calls using asyncio and coroutines.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of appservice_framework.matrix_api.AsyncHTTPAPI